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Organizational Change Management Clients

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Our mission is to help close the achievement gap for African-Americans by partnering with the 3 strongest institutions in our history – the Church, HBCUs and the Family.  
Our products and services are designed to promote truth and racial healing to create transformational change for African & African-American youth and adults.
Training leaders and mentors to establish Rites of Passage programs and customize life skills curriculum materials to expose young people to the leadership qualities to thrive in life.

Created a comprehensive life skills curriculum - CLICK image to learn more

Took boys & girls to Africa for manhood/womanhood rituals - CLICK image to learn more

Re-teaching the history of African and African-American achievement through digital storytelling, poetry and spoken word resources for families, schools and churches

Created documentary featuring spoken word & transformation - CLICK image to learn more

Managed a water system project for a West African village - CLICK image to learn more

Providing educational and operational resources to help transform lives to achieve their true potential to contribute to society and have a good quality of life

Created a structured program for youth and adult men's ministry - CLICK image to learn more

Developed web page for college fellowship & mentoring program - CLICK image to learn more

Delivered over 160 new memberships to the Charles Wright Museum - CLICK in image to learn more


Created a lifestyle blog for personal & professional development - CLICK image to learn more

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